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I’m posting my comics to Tapastic

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You might have heard about Tapastic. Maybe not.

Tapastic is a web comic service where you can read a lot of great comics on the web or the mobile app. It is founded by my dear friend Chang Kim.

I’m posting my comics there as a series named “Paperless Sketches“. The comics I will post there will be just same as the ones I’ve been posting on my blog here. And I’ll keep posting them here too.

If you’ve been enjoying my comics, Please keep enjoying it!

The Grand Budapest Hotel

I love this place. - the Grand Budapest Hotel


Daylight Saving Time

Now I got what it's all bout. Suddenly I can bike home when the sun is still out!


The Oscars Night

Tonight, we'll break the retweet record together! Yes! No! Samsung marketing manager / Twitter server engineer - The Oscars Night -